Whole House Inspection

Fort Wayne Home Inspections

Foundation to Crawlspaces…Complete Whole House Inspection Service

We feel that a whole-house inspection helps you make a more educated decision on the purchase of your new house. Buying a residence is a huge step, and a whole-house inspection makes you a wiser, informed, and smart purchaser.

We will partner with you as a knowledgeable third-party expert looking out for your best interest with whole-home inspections. We will also perform a radon test and a mold test using the latest tools and techniques.

As we said, please be aware that our home inspectors are working in your best interest and will give you information along with a detailed report about the house you are selling or purchasing to keep you up-to-date about your home purchase or things you may want to do to sell your home fast.

With the type of weather issues experienced in Fort Wayne, it is crucial to pick an adequate home inspector for one of the most critical financial investments that you will ever make. If you reside in or you are planning on moving to Ft. Wayne, our team is the home inspectors with whom you want to work.

Why You Should Get A Home Inspection

A home is a new foundation on which you can build a life. On the other hand, it could be a dump that costs you a boatload of money in repairs, not to mention the stress.

A licensed Fort Wayne home inspector analyzes whether the home you’re looking at is a pit or a palace. The few hours it takes to perform a whole house inspection will save you thousands on any home purchase.

With so much on the table, house buyers seek out Ft. Wayne’s most experienced, knowledgeable group of inspectors. Folks who understand contracting, repair, and construction from every angle of the industry.

Crawl Spaces, attics, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC system; a Fort Wayne inspector searches each home inside and out, from the roof to the basement.

Clients are encouraged and invited to be with the inspector while he/she examines the home, explaining every problem’s value and possible solution.

Come with your questions and ask them during your home inspection. Afterwards, you get a complete written report of the problem areas. If you would prefer a consultation over the phone, just let us know.

Purchasing a house is not the type of decision to be taken lightly. It entails a great deal of time, patience, and thought. Why would you depend on a typical home inspector during this important life-event, when you can work with the best?

While most whole-home inspectors just have a license, we have acquired the best and most comprehensive education, certifications, and training available to our inspectors.

The more you know about the home you have come to love, the better prepared you are when bargaining the purchase. Our whole-house inspectors are here to inspire you. But don’t just believe what we say. Go online and check out our social media pages and see why we’re the best-rated home inspection business in Fort Wayne, Indiana.