Radon Testing

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Reduce Your Risk With Radon Testing

Your house is one of the most prominent investments you’ll ever make. Fort Wayne Home Inspection believes that knowledge is power. It is what we do, providing you with the best knowledge about a house, giving you the power to plan, the power to negotiate and the power to safeguard your home.

You cannot see, smell, taste, or see radon. However, it could be an issue within the property you are buying. This gas flows around the earth and gets into buildings via holes and cracks in floors and foundations. It accumulates.

Sellers can merely compromise on most radon tests to sidestep responsibility. Who will realize that the testing device has been moved to get a false low or that someone opened a window?

When we perform radon testing in Fort Wayne properties, we use tamper-resistant, electronic monitors which detect and expose any strange readings of radon, humidity, and temperature brought on by opening the windows.

Power and tilt sensors show if someone relocated the monitor. Barometric pressure readings every hour will even aid in detecting odd radon averages because of extreme weather conditions. We evaluate all data for any indication of suspected tampering.

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Radon is a naturally appearing radioactive gas. Since the beginning of time, it has forever been a part of our environment. It’s a typical decay product of uranium. It is in all and varying concentrations in Indiana.

This gas gets in through every access point in a residential or commercial property. The usual entry points include:

Poorly sealed pipes
Cracks in the foundation
French drains
Drainage or sump pits

Once in the house or business, the gas could gather in specific areas, particularly basements and other low spaces. Over time, radon gas builds up.

As people become exposed to the gas over time, it has a real damaging effect. The indoor radon levels in Fort Wayne, IN vary between low and high in different parts of the city.

How extensive is the problem? Radon has been discovered in properties in every state in the USA. No city is immune. Properties near underground mines may be at higher risk. The only way to be sure if you have radon or not is to get your home or business tested.

If you’re buying or selling a house in Fort Wayne, radon can be a significant issue. Buyers should be made mindful of the radon risks and decide whether a radon test is necessary When in doubt, it is recommended to get a radon test.

You can add the price of the test can on to the property cost. If someone has already performed a radon analysis, make sure it is current or that there has been no extensive remodeling on the property since the last test. If you aren’t sure, get a new radon test. If you’re selling your house, it is a great idea to perform a radon test. By having the test done, you can be confident there aren’t any risks and avoid any issues from the get-go.

Regardless if you have a new or old property, live in Parkway Hills or Country Club Gardens, radon is real. However, it is a reality with an easy solution. Radon testing and mitigation can remove it as a health risk.